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Copy Paste between modelers


This, together with being able to select multiple elements would just be nice.

dont think this needs much explaining, seems like such a basic functionality.

Even if it is just containers with the classes and nested containers with classes.

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On the day larry Tesler died this appeared in the release notes of Mendix:

Because many users have indicated that copying and pasting microflows between app projects was their main reason for using Model Share, cross-project copy-paste will be added to Studio Pro very soon!


Upvoting x1000


I totally support this idea. Needed it last week, but unfortunately...


Yes! ... And this should work even if the Modeler instances are different versions!


Especially if you work on multiple branches. Sometimes you have to manually merge pages and microflows to resolve conflicts! Copy and paste between modelers would save a lot of time!


I think the problem at the moment is that if you want to export an element you need to convert it to a building block, which you can export to a file, but it gets a whole bunch of other stuff exported with it too, which in turn also makes it incompatable with lower versions.

Wouldn't you just export it as a textstring and then unpack the string in another modeler?

something like:

<container class="x y z">
  <layoutgird width"col1 col10 col1">

no need for messy multiple files and modeler version numbers

Im no Developer, but would something like the above even be viable?


Yep, would be awesome!


That would be extremely usefull. Unfortunately, I can ony give one upvote.