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Enable Changing Icons for Reference Set Selectors


For Mendix reference set selectors the button icon is “hardcoded” to be a default swoopy arrow. This isn’t always descriptive enough and can be confusing to users in some cases. I’d like to propose the same functionality as in a button widget where the properties panel has an option for Icon (either Glyphicon or custom graphic) to enable developers to choose an icon that makes sense to whatever they’re building.

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Unfortunitly Icon support is very limited in Mendix.

Doing it the CSS way also creates different issues for example:
spacing in menu items.
SVG + color integration.
IOS support.

Hope that MX8 will bring brighter days :D 


Thanks Weston – this workaround won’t work for my team where only a small group of users has the required level of css knowledge. In order to enable our dev team, this feature would need to be added to the Mx Desktop modeller itself (a great example already exists with the default built in button widget)


Hi Rick,

A workaround for that if you are comfortable with css is the following:

  1. Add a class to the reference set selector that doesn’t conflict with any default classes (e.g. “custom-icon-referenceset”)
  2. Use the following in the applicable custom css (or scss) file:


.custom-icon-referenceset button .glyphicon-share-alt::before {

    content: “\002b”;



This will change the icon from the default share icon to a plus sign, as an example. To change it to different icons, simply change the “\002b” to the icon you need based on the glyphicon documentation.