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modeler only layout grids


because flex containers are replacing most layout containers due to them being 100% more awesome.

there is an issue that what developers see in the modeler and browser dont match.

current situation in modeler:

in browser looks like:


proposed fix:

if there would be a way to create coloumns in the modelar that dont render in the dom, that would make it clearer for developers what is going on.

there is already a “designer” panel on the side, which could also integrate into making this easier.

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would also solve the issue of having to scroll down super far due to responsive flex layouts currently being 50 containers under each other op top of every page, but maybe that’s a different issue all together :P 


Great idea!


Great and seems an easy fix, also it would help if there was alignment tools for the modeler only.

So you could actually visually align left / right / top / bottom / center.