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Align UX Resources.


People often ask where to find css resources such as overview of classes.
we have:

no idea if this is up to date but judging from the github link last update was Feb 2016. ( )

Atlas UI
seems like a marketing website more then a documentation of css classes. Atlas does get reguler updates (last update Feb 2019) ( )

bootstrap classes all seem to work in mendix, not sure which version mendix uses, definitly a version of bootstrap3 ( )

The UX community have a lot of solutions, bug fixes and best practises that are not aligned, and are floating around everywhere.



Clear communication goes a long way.
Having best practises created with the community would also help a lot.
And I almost think docs.mendix should have a css overview (but might get out of hand with all the css combinations you can make, especially with how mx8 handles helper classes.

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A clear overview of what's possible would go a long way and personally I agree there should be some documentation about this. Thanks for summing up some links here Jason!