Link Button Issue

Hi, I am trying to have a link button on the app open to a specific url in a new tab. I have the link button on Link render mode, with the Link type set to Web using an attribute for the Address. The attribute is a string that contains the url. When I click the link either locally or in acceptance, what happens is it opens a 404 error page and the url in the address bar is either the app base url or the localhost url followed by /null.  What I want to know is why does the link start with that base url, why is it followed by null, and how can I get it to just open the link provided in the string attribute? Thanks for any help you can provide.
2 answers

I am seeing the same behavior (and don’t recall having this issue before).  The string attribute with the URL is not empty.  But similar to as described above, the URL has the attribute value appended, eg. http://localhost:8080/  I found that if I added “http://” before the URL (“”) the link worked properly.  


Sounds like the string attribute that you are trying to use as a link is empty (null). Try displaying the attribute as plain text  to check if this is the case.