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Feedback button on courses in Mendix Academy


Create a feedback button in Mendix Academy courses that would directly send a notification to the Mendix Academy team.

With this button, if a user detects an error in a training course, be it a mispell, formatting, incorrect steps, etc, they can immediately report it so it can be corrected.

Currently, as far as I am aware, the only way to report this is by sending an email to

And I only got to know this after searching in the forums unsuccessfully, and finally opening a ticket with Mendix Support.

The survey at the end of each course also does not seem to have the best setup to be able to report these things.

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I asked this some hours ago. :-D


yes very handy, I recently helped someone and there were so things that were confusing, and misspelled.

feedback button would be very handy :D