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Adding a shortcut(link) to My Certifications page on my profile


Hi Team,


As of now, there is no shortcut or direct link to see all the certifications you achieved on my profile page.

On click of badge takes you to generic certification page and you get no idea at first where to look for the actual certificate obtained.


Clicking on the “Get Certified” link only takes you to Academy certifications page.


It would be helpful to have a direct link to “My certifications” from my profile page like we have badges tab.





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Hi Rene,

I echo your thoughts here. My only point for adding this suggestion is as of now, clicking on badges takes me to common learning page space and not to my actual certificate where I can download the certificate.

I recently earned a badge but couldnt receive my certifcate number in email because of some technical glitch. It took me quite a while to identify how to get to the certificate download page to get my actual certificate number.



By default the highest certification is directly shown on  earned batches. So I do miss why there should be a specific achieved certification section. Since the certifications are liniar. If you are advanced, I can assume with confidence that you als have obtained Intermediate and Rapid. And even if you would have bypassed them, they don't add value anymore.

If you want to expose other achievements, you can feature them.