Advanced Page Building Course - Problems with Section 4. Adding Requests

Hi All,   I have been working through the APB course for a little while now and suspect that I have found a huge mistake. Could be wrong, but there looks to be an issue with the logic and I wanted to get feedback from someone who has successfully completed the APB Course. When I run the request wizard, I have two issues. Issue 1: No matter what I do I cannot get the Title field to be editable in wizard step 3. Below is a screenshot of the result of setting up the title field as a text input widget.      Issue 2: When I try to create a request line entry in wizard step 2, I am unable to do so as there is no title for this request. I can add the lines to another request but I can not create lines with a blank request title. And as the title for the request is not entered (unsuccessfully) until wizard step 3 it appears to be unable to associate the request lines with the request being created. Above is the default new requestline page that is created using the directions in the course.   So, to summarise, I think there is an issue with the logic in the course. But there is also an issue with making the Request Title editable (happy to admit that this could be me). Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Regards,   Craig.  
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issue 1. does the user have read/write access to the attribute?

issue 2: adding the requestlines to the request has nothing to do with the title of the request. Since associations are set using the object ID’s and not a attribute as foreign key or such. 

Not sure what is not correct in your model, but each page of the wizard should start with a dataview with the Request object as context. If that is set, then you can add RequestLines to that Request object using the association between them.