Looking for a practical test Case to test our skills

Hi, As new Rapid Developers me and two others would like to test our Mendix skills and knowledge, to do this we are looking for a case. Does anybody have an idea as to how we could best set this up ourself or where we should look?   Kind regards,   Casper
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Hi Casper,

Sure! feel free to connect with me through my profile.



Personally I've found projects that you yourself could use to be very educational, and more fun to work on since you're really building it for a reason.

Some random things I've built when I started Mendix:

  • An app to keep track of our table tennis scores
  • An app to keep track of money lent between friends
  • An app to keep track of health information of my pets (feeds, weight, etc.)
  • A bullshit bingo app


Et cetera. If you don't have any ideas yourself, I'd highly recommend asking some family members or so – it will be an excellent exercise in gathering requirements and writing user stories, as well!