Stuck in the Learning Path Become a Rapid Developer

I was working on the Learning Path 'Become a Rapid Developer’ and got stock adding attributes to a drop-down widget These are the instructions from the academy: When trying to select an attribute for my drop-down widgets it doesn't show the attributes, and I don't know why. My domain model should be correct, since the correct version was given at the end of the previous instructions.   Anyone got an idea what I could have done wrong? 
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Hi Jordy, I think that's a slight hickup in the course. For making connections betweens entities you need a 'reference selector’.

Drag that on your page and it will work. Do mind that the reference selector has two options for displayy. One as the here described ‘drop down’, the other as a ‘select page’. Hence the mixup in the learning path I guess.

The regular dropdown is suitable for enumerations (preferable with more than 5 options).