How to find the class id of an element on page: Background

Dear Mendix,  I am trying to change a background image on mendix, have a custom.css file created for this and directed from the .json file However, I have been told I am still missing a written class which I assume goes infront here Where can I find the id/class of the background of my mendix app page?
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Hi Boris,

The easiest way of finding the right class is to inspect the element with your Chrome Dev tools. If you right click on the element in the page you want to give that background image, you will see its class. This is what you place in front of your CSS example like:

.loginpage-image {

On another note, your CSS annotation for the background is not correct, it should be changed from url(img/’Appbackground.png’); to url(‘img/Appbackground.png’); the quotes should be around the entire file path.