Page building Learning path - Create new TeamMember account

Hello All, I revisited this learning path to refresh my memory on creating new Team Member accounts but for some reason I can’t enter any of the Admin Account details on the TeamMember_New-Admin page – they are visible but greyed out when I test it locally. - TeamMember entity inherits from Administration.Account - Administrator user role has full read/write access and can create and delete objects - TeamMember_New_Admin page has page parameter AccountPasswordData and inset data view for TeamMember, over association ‘AccountPasswordData_Account’ - All the input fields are set to ‘default’ editability - Pages and microflow are visible for Administrator. - I have no errors  - I CAN enter the password fields I must have missed something obvious but it’s driving me mad so would much appreciate any pointers!  
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Have you checked that you have read / write rights set up on the specialization as well? Sounds like you might have only set them for Administration.Account, which would cause the behavior you're describing.

Otherwise, make sure that your data view also has the “editable” property set to “yes”.