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Hi Experts,    I have a challenge here, that says ‘Give a presentation about Mendix’.  Anybody who passed it ?  And where am I supposed do this challenge, to upload it … etc.      Thanks in advance.   Regards
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Hi Dzhengis,

You can email support with some proof. They will then make sure the request will be handled in the system. Let me know if this worked! 



Hi all!
I asked the Mendix support about the Presenter Challenge and this is the feedback I got:

Here's how the process looks like:

  • user gives the presentation and informs us (could be by creating a support ticket)
  • Besides their name, it is good if they mention the presentation name, when it was given, and optionally a link to the presentation (or like, if it was a presentation given at a conference, the overview page for that presentation). A video can be useful here as well of course.
  • We then confirm this internally and grant you the Presenter badge.

When it comes to the language which you intend on using, this would most likely be analyzed on a case by case basis, English is of course preferred and will be easiest to validate.

Hope this helps!


Can these presentations be delivered in another language?

I am considering presenting Mendix to my team mates but in our mother tongue (Portuguese).

Is there documentation on this challenge, other than the general info on the Mendix Documentation here?

Thank you all in advance!