Expert cert: does a solo project also count as being lead developer?

Hi all, I'm checking out the requirements for Expert certification and see that a ‘Development team should have been at least 3 people’. How strict is the word should? How flexible can the wording and can I prove otherwise that, while technically not having been lead, I have the necessary knowledge and skills to be at that level? I've been on more than 5 projects solo, one of which has lasted more than 2 years (and is still ongoing) during which I've done 2 major Mendix upgrades and at least 3 integrations. That same project will be upgraded to Mendix 8 soon, which I'll be responsible for as well. Another example is the current project I'm on with a team of 3 in which none of us are technically the lead but all solutions get discussed and, in many instances, the best course of action is decided together. 
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I would just explain your situation and let Mendix decide because there are always exceptions on the rule. At Daywize we only build our own product and thus would formaly not apply to the rules for expert. In my case with 10+ years of Mendix experience and MVP status they concluded that I could apply for the certification.