course instructions: User role reference selector-> input reference set selector

In course instructions should be reworked and made more precise, it took me hours to figure the problem out. input refernce set selector is required for User Role and reference selector (I hope) for language.
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Correct, Walter. This kind of thing unfortunately happens a lot in certain learning paths. Also because of the steady stream of versions that Mendix releases: since you have asked this question, they have released at the very least 5 newer ones, which makes updating all learning paths almost impossible.

But I think the better way to get Mendix to do something with your and my feedback, is to either give them all the info of this post in the Survey at the end of the learning path in question. This is something I have sone one a couple of occasions already, since it is the reason that channel exists.

Alternatively or just to be on the safe side, you can also send it in e-mail form to, which will make sure it is brought under attention of the team that does the maintenance of the Academy’s learning paths.

That way, we can keep improving all our learning experiences here, especially for those in team of countries where there’s not much senior help in finding our way within the Mendix realm – yet!