committing the changes in modeler

I am using mendix cloud. ,i am doing one requirement in my modeler that to in mainline(because of some emergency i have commited it and moved to test environment which is vernsioned (but this requirement is not as expected)).even after this i have moved some tasks in test environment but those are unversioned . and one of my colleague done a task in her modeler that needs to be tested and moved to production .if she commits she will get an update of my task(which i have commited before as versioned ).my task should not be moved to production..only my colleague task should be moved  could you please suggest me what to do ? can i delete the versioned task in test environment ?  
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There are multiple options. One would be to do a reverse merge, to remove your commit from the branch line. Another option is to create a new branch based on the version before your commit. Your colleague yould then merge the prod change to this new branch without merging your changes.