How to show a list of objects by clicking on an element

Hello! I have a page that shows all professors of a school. I need to show a PopUp page every time I click on a professor’s name. This PopUp will show the list of students bound to this specific professor, in other words, each professor has one or more students and I need to show a list of them. My app has 2 pages: 1- Professor_Overview: Show a list of professors. 2- Professor_Students(popup): Must show the list of students according to the professor I’ve created a microflow that gets a professor as parameter and returns a list of students. But when I use a datagrid inside Professor_Students Popup(selecting microflow as datasource)  I get this error:  In short, I need to get a list of students(according to the professor) when I click on the button StudentsList (located in ‘Professor_Overview’). 
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In the professor overview use the datasource xpath to show all professors.

Then on click of the professor open the popup that contains the professor dataview and inside this dataview add a data grid that shows the students over association.