Create User Roles

I'm following the Mendix Academy “Become a Rapid Developer” learning path, and I’m currently at the “Create User Roles” page. I read: Open the User roles tab … and I have no idea where this tab is located. I’ve been searching for a while, frustration is growing, and I thought this might be a good opportunity to test the forum ;^). I use Mendix Studio Pro 9.1.0.
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Hi Alain,


At the left side you have the navigation menu with your project and your modules. 
When you double-click on ‘security’ at the project level (It should be the highest level, and it has the cube as a symbol), there will be a pop-up with the User role tab.

If you don’t see the navigation menu at the left side, try to reset your layout (topbar => View => Reset layout) 

Hope this helps!


Thanks Daan, that solves the question. Maybe changing the snapshot to show the complete context, like that, would help newcomers like me understand more rapidly: