Rapid Learning Path 4.3.1 Create and Connect Entities

Hi Everyone, I am currently in the Rapid Developer learning path 4.3.1 and have a question. When I am creating a new entity and start to add the attribute I only have the option of Boolean and Enumeration? String, DateTime, decimal, etc. are not there. The attribute I am creating is a string but I do not have the option to select it from the Type drop down box. Has anyone had this happen? Any suggestions?   Thank you, Emily
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Enumeration and Boolean are the only two options that give you a finite number of possible values. Boolean only: true and false, enumeration only: its list of values. This already suggests that you started the creation of the entity and its attribute at a location where only a boolean or an enumeration is allowed.

Going to the course you mentioned, I see that it works in Mendix Studio, the web variant of the editor. It asks you to add:

  • a course title

  • a description

  • the duration

  • the price

These are all strings and integers or decimals. So if you select any of those and in the properties-pane click ‘Add attribute’, you will get the options you expect. So likely you got yourself in this situation because you selected some page-element the requires a boolean or enum.