Problem understanding the 3.3.2 Build a Scoring System of Expand Your Domain Modeling Skills course

Hi, I’m following the instructions of Expand Your Domain Modeling Skills path and I’m stuck on the 3.3.2 item. The 4th step of the 3.3.2 item say that I need to use a building block called “Card Metric” that I can’t find on Studio Pro. I think that it is a version problem, the course uses 7.X and I’m using 9.4.0 (build 24572) No problem until here, I developed the form without the card (that I guess was renamed or replaced). My doubt is: How should this form be opened? I should create a button somewhere? Or should I put some “show page” activity on my microflow? The 5th step asks for a new microflow that should uses two parameters, the “Match” one doesn’t appear automatically, so I added it and in the dataview who calls the microflow the following error appears “Parameter 'Match' of the selected microflow does not match available arguments. No arguments are available to 'dataView1'.”. I know my question is really confusing and my english is far to be good, I’m sorry for that, but if anyone could say a word that can help me I would be really grateful.
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Always good advise to follow any course in the Mx-version that it was created in. Thus preventing this kind of mishaps. But, since a buildingblock is just there to copy-paste stuff, you will be fine without it.

They want (but indeed don’t explicitly describe) you to place the snippet Match_Details in the Match Overview page that you created in $2.4.8

So, having found that place, your question how to open the page is also answered I guess.

Hope you have fun using Mendix!


Hi Tim
I really appreciate your help, thank you!

Can you detail a little more the part how I open the page, I think I don't fully understand it yet.

I did the part where I use the snippet inside Match_Overview, I've placed a data view above the list of players the way the instuctions in the item 2 describes.

"Place a data view for the Score entity in the snippet, right above the list views that show the team’s players. Use the following image to configure the data view:"

My page is now like the image below

The red rectangle shows where I placed the data view.

Should I open the page from the data view, right?

I’m sorry, I did the entire rapid developer course, but right now I’m really struggling to understand how to open this page. If you could add some details of how to create this feature to open the page, it would be awesome.

Thanks for the answer above and thanks in advance for any future help.


Tim, I’m sorry.

I should have placed the components inside the data view on the snippet, instead I was creating a new page thinking about open it from the data view.

Now it’s working.

Thank you very much!


@Tim van Steenbergen,

Thank you for the reply. However, your comment “Always good advise to follow any course in the Mx-version that it was created in”, depends on someone’s reason to follow the learning path. I think Mendix lacks enormously by having a learning path of a very outdated version. The most (new/ intermediate) developers will most likely never use the 7.2 version because of the innovative character of Low-code. I strongly recommend to follow the learning path in the same version as you work with within your company, and try to fix the inconsistency between the Mendirx “historic”-learning path version and your actual Mendix work environment. In that way you learn something, which you can use.

Learning an outdated version is in my opinion not worth the time and by far not worth the hundreds of dollars/euros on certification fees.