Cant select User_Language/Language/Code in the Learning Path Create an App with Advanced Page Building 2.3.4

Hi, I am learning "Create an App with Advanced Page Building" 2.3.4. I put the drop down widget to select Language but can’t find and select [User_Language/Language/Code] attribute as a Data Source.  I can find [User_Language/Language] entity in the Select Attribute window but no [Code] attribute underneath.  Also I do not know what to select as an ‘On click’ Action for the Switch widgets. Maybe Save Changes?  Appreciate any advise. Thanks in advance.
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HI Koji,

If you had used autofill for your dataview, it would have auomaticially connected your langauge widget with the attribute. So, one choice is, you delete your dataview and select it again and when it asks, fill automatically say yes.

Else, I have shown below the path to the language. The learning path at this stage doesn’t explicitly guide you how to build the page, since it assumes that by now, you would be able to build the page, just by looking at the image.

However, the steps involved atre:

1_ After you create a page and add header, as per the instructions. you need to add a dataview. Use the datasource of the views as shown after the below image. Don’t chose to fill automatically at this stage. 

  1. Add another dataview inside the first dataview and use its source as per the next image as in my answer. For this one, chose to fill automatically. 






I can't answer the language question yet, but as for the Switches – you shouldn't set an on change microflow for now, since the page has its own save button. You don't want to commit the changes to the database, because you don't know yet if the user is going to press “save” or “cancel”.