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Hi everyone,  I am going through the Rapid developer course, and something seems to be missing in this course.   I am now at 5.4.1 (microflows), and i need to drag a “call microflow button” on top of the detail button. BUT that detail button is nowhere explained or requested to be build during the course. That is really confusing to me. They did talk about the chevron buttons earlier, but in the next examplepicture, there is no  detailbutton to be seen. Could this be a error in the course itself? Hope somebody can help me explain this?      
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Hi Peter,

The button you created on the Overview Page in the step 4.5.1 is the Detail button. I think its a miss in the course that it doesn’t explicitly state it has the “Detail” button.

Do let us know if you need any further assistance




Hi Shekhar,


Thankx for your answer

The button created on step 4.5.1 is the add button, but not the detail button. I also ran a couple of time through the course now, and creating the detail buttons is never mentioned.

While doing the microflow now, the text says “next to the detail button", but it's not on the images next to it :)

So now i am sure its a fault in this version of the rapid developers course.

I will just try to ignore it. (This wasn't the only “error” in the course btw.)

Still thankx for the input!