Problems on Validation Rules on a Specification Entity

Recently I create an specification of Accounts, called Team Members. They use the same variables and is also possible to set validation rules to them, but the problem is that none of the validation works, except Username, Password and Repeat Password ones, that I belive is coming from default system module domain. I know there is a more advanced way to do validation rules on a microflow, but one of them needs to be the email format validation. How can I do it inside a microflow? I also have a way around that is to create an temporary TeamMemberCredentials entity to make all validation rules and after everything is validated I simply pass all data to create/edit the user.
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There are regular expression you can use to validate the e-mail. See the IsMatch function described here:

And do note that a user  has an account and not is an account. I would advise to set a reference instead of using inheritance. So indeed create a temp object, validate it with a microflow and then copy everything over the the account object.