Build a Powerfull Workflow Learning path. Migrating Workflow Apps to Mendix 9.6

Hi, I am working on “Build a Powerfull Workflow” Mendix Academy Learning path and stuck in 5.1.1 Create a Workflow module. Fist of all, I started this learning path with Mendix 9.5.1 and accidentally updated to 9.6.0, and my working app generated a lot of errors. To fix these errors, I first made a change to EmployeeOnboarding entity to be a specialization from System.Workflow entity as System.WorkflowContext entity was removed in 9.6.0 (Please correct me if I am wrong).  I made some other changes to my app as well to fix errors, but I cannot fix two errors below in Workflow_Overview page. EmployeeOnboarding entity cannot be selected as a data source for the data view widget and I do not know which one I should select.    Please advise how to fix these errors. Thanks in advance.
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i have re-write the instruction, you can follow it again.