Mendix Advanced Certificate

Dear All,   kindly there are 27 topics in the advanced learning path, which of them are included in the Mendix Advanced Certificate Exam?
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This is the full list

  1. Constrain your Data using Advanced XPath 
  2. Understand the Value of User Experience 
  3. Master Modeling Microflows  
  4. Win at Working with Data 
  5. Advanced Domain Model Skills 
  6. Configure Advanced Security 
  7. Error handling and 
  8. Logging and 



The advanced exam is not only testing your theoretical knowledge! You must have on average 12 month experience to pass it. The questions are testing if you understand the concepts, combination of concepts, if you are able to implement and analyze complex scenarios. In other words; online learning paths are knowledge, you need to practice skills


Hi Asraf, 

You can view the following link to view the topics