Incomplete Tutorial section 6 in the Crash Cours

I just wanted to note that when using the MendixStudio Pro version 9.7.0 the mentioned “Card Action with image” block is not available anymore. Furthermore the tutorial does not explain how to create the page “Home_Web”. Not a major bug but a little bit confusing because of the overall detailed description in the other parts of the tutorial.  The app version at the beginning of this tutorial section also includes already all the steps of the 6th chapter. I guess this shouldn’t be like that also?      Besides: Is there another way to report bugs/erros like these?    Cheers,  Robin  
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Hi Robin,

this is not really seen as a bug because there is a version of Mendix associated with this learning path. In this case, the supported version is Version 9.1.1 of Mendix Studio Pro. It should work with that version.
If not, it is a bug and can be submitted to