Mendix intermediate exam

Which topics included in mendix intermediate exam ? how is the structure of the exam? can i use mendix documentation or any references in the exam ?
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The subjects of the intermediate exam are fairly broad. It is actually all topics within the Mendix platform up to a certain level, so questions about microflows, pages, best practices, domain model etc. See topics and more information covered in this page: 

You can practice this by doing the intermediate learning paths on At the end of these learning paths you also have questions in the form of a practice test. Very useful if you want to prepare yourself for intermediate exam!


Hi Agar,

The complete details about the Intermediate Certifications are available at:

Tp answer your questions:

  1. Topics

    Project roles & responsibilities
    Constraining data with XPath
    Page design with AtlasUI
    Project Directory unfolded
    Structuring your project with Sub microflows
    System members
    List operations
    Client notifications
    Multi-lingual front-end
    Anonymous users

  2. Structure   The exam will consist out of 50 multiple choice questions based on pure theory but also practical scenarios. You have 90 minutes to complete the exam. The passing grade is 75%.

This is a proctored exam. In other words, it’s like a regular classroom exam, but online. T. During the exam, you are allowed to use Mendix Studio (Pro), check the Mendix documentation and Academy, 


  1. Reference Material: Just complete all the learning paths under the Intermediate level in the Mendix Academy and you would be fine


If you need any further help, please let me know