Unable to get attributes in TrainingEvent_EditNew page automatically

I am doing Rapid Developer study path but got stuck at 4.7.1 where it says that attributes get created in the form automatically. But I am unable to find the attributes created automatically.   Open the detail page of the TrainingEvent, which should be called TrainingEvent_NewEdit. You will see that it has a datepicker there for the start date and the end date of the course. This is because these are attributes of the TrainingEvent entity, so the fields were created automatically.
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HI vijayalakshmi Kurra,

You can add your Form widgets manualy and select the appropriate Attributes or if you want the form widgets to be filled automaticly by mendix. Delete the DataView  in the TrainingEvent_NewEdit if already present. Now drag a deatview and select the conetect object, after selecting the context entity you will be asked whether mendix can prefill the form widgets with the attrbutes , you can click yes in the confirmation pop up, later you can delete the other form widgets which are not necessary.

Hope this helps.



Hi Vijaylakshmi,

It may caused whether you taken an attribute datatype as auto number, so you may check for this. Or in other case you can take all the required fields inside the data view.