importing and exporting data course with Mendix Studio V9.7.0

Hi.. I was trying to attend and finish the academy course “importing and exporting data”. But in the section 5.3 I should download a module that is only compatible with version 7 or 8 and not compatible with the latest version of Mendix studio pro. So how can I finish studying this course! kindly update that course or provide me with a solution that will allow me to convert this module to V9.  Thanks in Advance! :)
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You will likely be able to open the module in a project in Mx8 first, and then open the project in Mx9. In most cases this will allow the module to work in Mx9 as well.

As for the feedback on the course, the last step of this learning path includes taking a survey, if you leave your feedback there it'll land directly at the academy team, so they can fix this (or at least mention in the learning path that it's for Mx7 or Mx8).