Mendix version for learning paths is often unclear for me

Hi there, is there a way to know in which version of Mendix you should start a Learning Path? Currently I was using the first screen that opens when clicking on a learning path, where it for example shows “Create an App with Advanced Page Building   Intermediate Level    •3.0 Hrs•8 Modules•    Version 7.0.2” So I chose to use Mendix 7.0.2, and then at 2.3.1 I already get stuck because this version does not include a List Block page.  I have experienced this with multiple learning paths, where I either accidently started in a version that was too high or too low, this is really demotivating, it is also more difficult to understand what exactly is expected in a learning paths, because the examples do not fit well. I am a beginner in Mendix, so it is difficult for me to know what to do in a different version
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Versions is always a struggle for course content development.

My approach is;

  1. if version is named; use that version
  2. if no version is mentioned; use latest
  3. if version 7 is named I’m suspicious
  4. if version is mention but learning path content is not matching, upgrade to newer major version
  5. if version is not mentioned but learning path is not matching current version….
  6. in case of 4 and 5 > feedback & question to 

Hi Maeve,

I think every new learner has the same kind of difficulties with the learning paths. The Mendix Studio gets updates frequently but learning paths not often. That’s why some learning paths might become out-of-date.

Personally, I never used v7. The learning path “Create an App with Advanced Page Building” you indicate, I used version 8.18.10 and with this version, I didn’t have any issues.

I think it is a kind of trial and error learning for these outdated learning paths, but there are not so many, so as long as you can, keep using the version that is suggested by Mendix.

Hope this helps.


Hey there!

Personally, I have not had issues with the versions of Studio that I picked, although I wasn’t very careful when picking them. I must have been lucky.

However, I was watching a Mendix Webinar on how to create a Restaurant booking app, and the presenter said that Mendix versions should always be forward-compatible, meaning: if you build something on Studio 9.5 it should work if you open that on subsequent/newer Studio versions (9.6, 9.7, ...).

I know it doesn’t really help in your particular case. Rene’s method seems to be quite a good one.

And if you detect any errors or want to send suggestions regarding the Learning Path’s courses, you can send them in to

Personally, I’ve proposed an Idea (see it here) to have a Feedback button in all the Courses of the Academy so we can report any errors, mispells, etc straight away. I think that could be super helpful!