Missing words and format in Agile Awareness training

Hi! I’ve been doing some beginners courses and in the Agile Awareness course (here) I’ve detected some missing words in the training documentation, as well as some parts that do not seem to be formatted correctly. I’ve searched but was unable to find how to report these. I even checked page on how to Contribute to the Documentation (here) via the GitHub but wasn’t able to understand if/how to correct the text myself. Any suggestions on how to do it or where to report it? Thanks in advance!
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Hi Ana, the best place for this is probably a support request. You can create a ticket via support.mendix.com where you include the details of what you’ve found.


As a follow-up on this discussion, I’ve registered an Idea to have a Feedback button directly in the Academy courses so that any error, mistake, etc that is seen can be reported directly and on the spot.

Feel free to vote up the idea here: https://forum.mendix.com/link/ideas/2765