First time user having issues in Mendix Academy course Build an App in Mendix Studio

Hi   I am just starting on my Mendix journey and I have gone through the basic free courses on the Academy with no issues. However, I am having some issues with the functionality of the ‘Build an App in Mendix Studio’ course in the section ‘Create App 2.2.1’ I have created the app as instructed using template version Studio Pro 9.5.0 (Template v9.5.1). When I enter the preview mode to add a ‘To do’ action to the template I am unable to save the changes after entering the correct values item 4 in section 2.2.1 instructs you to ‘save changes’. I cannot see any box to click to do this nor am I able to scroll down in the task window. There seems to be no options to save elsewhere on the screen. Does anyone have any ideas as to where I’m going wrong or if this is a problem on Mendix’ end? I’ve attached an image to show the window I am working in. Any ideas or suggestions will be greatly appreciated  
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Hi lee dodimead,


You might want to go back to 2.2 and check if there are no errors!

From only this screenshot there's not a lot of info to see but I'd suggest to try again.


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Humm, considering that section 2.2 doesn’t really have any steps for you to do, if there’s anything wrong it would have been on the previous section, which is just to create the App.

I’d suggest going back to section 2.1.1 and double-check if you chose the correct template and the correct versions for Studio (Studio Pro 9.5.0 (Template v9.5.1)) in Advance settings.

But honestly, from the screenshot you are showing, it almost looks like you have some sort of pop-up warning covering the actual page. Maybe try it in another browser to see if the issue persist?