TotalNumberOfRegistrations from Rapid Developer Learning Path

This is step 7.10.2 in the Rapid Developer Path. Unless I am doing something wrong then this is a counter for all Training Events put together. I wanted to make my own app and I want to have an own counter for each “Training Event” (in my case it would be a meeting) and I wanted to use this Learning Path as help but it does not work correctly here either. In the screenshot I attached it is possible to see that I registered some Trainees up for this event and then I also registered some up for other events and the number continues counting but it is incorrect. It does not continue where it left off and instead it “skips” the numbers. So basically I need an own counter for each Training Event but I am not good enough to know how to do this and this is why I am asking here.        
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I guess you're currently doing a count of all registrations – you'll likely want to change the “retrieve list of registrations” to only retrieve the ones associated to the relevant trainingevent.