Retrieve training event start dates to be used for trainee registration

Hi all, My first post :) I am currently going through the rapid developer course and I'd like to modify one of the the date picker elements to retrieve a list of start dates based on the currently selected training event. The way it is setup by default is that it allows the trainee to register any date they want. I want them to limit the options via a drop-down list to only show the available dates based on the training event calendar.  I tried accomplishing this on my own but without success. The idea I had though was to create an on event microflow, [OEN_RetrieveTrainingEventDates].     My microflow contains the following activities Add retrieve object by association to obtain TrainingEventList Add create variable for $TrainingEvent/StartDate Add create object to list all $TrainingEvent/StartDates in date attribute, $Registration/Date     Not sure if I'm heading in the wrong direction, but seeing this through. Unfortunately when going back to the registration_newedit sheet, I am not getting the option to add the date attribute to the drop-down list. Why is this? Is it not possible to add of data type, date-time to drop downs or something else I've done wrong.        
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Drop down can only be used for an enumeration attribute.



OMW, it just dawned on me. The fact that the trainee is registering the date from within the training event, means the date is implied (known). There is no need to give them the option to pick a date :)

Still, if you want to help me figure out where I went wrong for another time that I might need this, that would be great. Thanks!