Making a Mendix account

Hello team, I have 2 short questions. Is it also possible to make a private account? Or must it be a business one? I know you can't use a private email like for example @gmail. My second question is what are the costs for the intermediate developer course?   Thanks in advance,   Greetings,   Raymond            
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You can make an account with most custom domains even if it's not a business, so if you have your own domain, you can use one of those, for instance.

For the intermediate classroom course, the price seems to be 

Costs (per seat)

€ 1400,- (ex. VAT)

If you just want the intermediate exam, that is cheaper, though I can't currently see the price data.


If you just want to practice everything you need for the intermediate course, you can do so for free with the academy learning paths.


Hi, yes I believe you need an email from a business to have a Mendix account. You can also use a student email account actually, just as long as it doesn’t end with common email platforms like gmail, yahoo, etc.