Issue with assigning attributes

In the “Become a Rapid Developer” module 4.8.2 I had to assign an attribute to “TrainingEvent_NewEdit”. Because only the attributes of the entity and not the associated entities were displayed, I had to manually assign the attributes of the associated entities to a drop-down element. However, when doing so, the entities were shown, but no attributes. Only after creating a totally new attribute in the associated entity (such as “course”), all attributes appeared out of nowhere. I had to repeat this process and at the end deleted the new attributes to move on.    Did I miss something? The list view and drop down are correctly assigned to the “TrainingEvent” entity.    
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Hi Levin,

Take a look at this post →

Several people have faced this issue. My suggestion would be to provide this feedback when you finish the module so that Mendix team is aware of this problem.

Although, I personally did not face this issue when I did try.