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Dear All, I am new to Mendix and I am planning to do Rapid Developer exam. Could you please advise me on the below: Which areas do I need to study to prepare for the Rapid Developer certification? Can we attend the exam in online? While registering for the exam, it is taking only my company email id. Is it possible to register the exam using my gmail id. If I get the certificate using my company email id and if I leave the job , can I move my certificate from my company email id to my personal email id?   Thanks in advance!   Regards, Madhavan
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Hi Madhavan!

To be prepared for the Rapid Developer certification I just recommend to do all the paths of the beginner and the rapid level

The grey and green ones from the academy 

With this you will be ready to do the exam that is completely online and there is no limit of time so you can do it at your own pace without problems. Also you can consult all the information you want during the exam

To answer your last questions I would use your company email don’t worry because if you left that company you can transfer all your data to a new account.


It’s called “merge accounts” it’s inside the configuration of your profile in the advanced tab.


If you have further questions let me know!,



Hi Emilio, 

Thanks for clearing my doubts.