Advance Certification Pattern

Hello everyone, Did anyone take Mendix – Advance Certification recently? If so, could you please help me to understand the exam pattern? Also, which topics are more important while preparing for Adv certification. I am grateful if you could provide any additional inputs. Thanks, Swamy.
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Hi Swamy,

The advanced exam is organized the same way as the Intermediate exam. You will get around 75 multiple choice question. 

Advanced questions are more complex. not only questioning singulair knowledge like "what is an entity”. It also assess your capability to make more complex decisions like “given this microflow and security setup. What will happen if user x will do this”

The best preparation is by having project experience for multiple months (6-12 months) and the following learning paths help you to prepare your knowledge.

  1. Constrain your Data using Advanced XPath 
  2. Understand the Value of User Experience 
  3. Master Modeling Microflows  
  4. Win at Working with Data 
  5. Advanced Domain Model Skills 
  6. Configure Advanced Security 
  7. Error handling and 
  8. Logging and 


Good luck!


Indeed a great help. Thanks so much for providing links to prepare.