Stuck at Academys Build a powerfull Workflow

Working at Academy's 'Build a powerfull Workflow' I get stuck at, where after point 12 you get to try your new functions “Now you can Run your app locally and l...”. I log in as ‘HR’, add some users, click on ‘Start onboarding’ and get this error: Executing Workflow 'Employee onboarding' (ID: '1970324836974893' [MyFirstModule.EmployeeOnboarding]) activity 'UserTask: 'Manager: Specify device'' resulted in error: No users match the specified constraint. It suggests there is no user having role ‘Manager’, but as specified a couple of steps ago in step 4.3.1, I created demo_Manager having role ‘Manager’. Is this a known issue? Btw. i started doing this exercise in 9.12.1, and retried it in 9.10.1. Same result.
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I have got it fixed. Can you please check when you create a demo_Manager, select the Entity Type as  “System.Account” instead of “System.User” and it gets resolved. Pleae let me know if that works for you..


Hey Treesa! Thanks for the reply, It seems that I don’ t have a “System.Account”, but only a “Administration.Account”. Is this the one to choose or am I mistaken?

EDIT: The photo I have taken shows the demo_HR role, but the Manager role also doesn’t have this Entity. 


Hey! Although this fix above seems to resolve the problem, it still raises errors afterwards for me! When trying to press ‘Complete task’ this error occurs: 


In Mendix Studio Pro: 


Is this an error on my side? (Also pressing the button ‘Assign to me’ on a Task after we pressed ‘Start Unboarding’ seems to give an error.