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I’m having trouble with the expression decision here in this learning path, can someone please tell me how to write the expression decision type to get true and false.   Example of use case:  
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Hi Gal,

In this case you will have to have a list of userroles available before this decision I assume. If that is the case:

  1. Use an aggregate list action
  2. Set the function to count and the list to the userrole list
  3. Then in the decision you can set: $count = 1
  4. This will give a true or false


Hope this helps!


Hey! I believe I am working on the same part right now. I have the aggregate list and made the decision point (expression) with the formula $count = 1. However, the end result I get is this. Is there another step I need to take to get the false option? Also, why is the true at the end point instead of in the white box before the end point?