Linking a image (entity) over a attribute from another entity

My team and i are currently working on a application for a school project. We are working on a page which functions like a pinboard where you can enter a report and a image supporting the filed report. The idea is that you have to submit a report every week and upload an image if needed. The problem we are running into is that we want to restrict the pictures to only show along side the filed report. We just cannot seem to figure out how to do this. Anyone any suggestions on how to solve this? We are using a seperate entity for the report and for the image, our current idea was to "connect” the image on the ID of the submitted report, so simply said,  if reportID = imageBelongsToID then show the image. The two entities are connected trough a * – 1 relationship (image * – 1 report) Thank you in advance.
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