Where can I find my certificate

I have completed Mendix Rapid devloper certificate one year ago, then I have received a mail consist link for score sheet and certificate, now that link is not working. Anyone help me that Where can I find my certificate. Thank you.
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If you go to https://academy.mendix.com/ and click on ‘certification’, click on the ‘view details’ button under the Mendix Rapid Developer badge. Then click ‘Get certified’ as if you want to book an exam, this will take you to your exam results page. 


Madhuri, some folks on our team recently ran into this issue if they merged an old account (that had the certificates) with a new account. The certificates were not merged over to the new account. Our team members had to reach out to Mendix support to have the certificates moved over to their new account. 


Thank you, got the certificate.