assign desk microflow in build a powerful workflow(Learning Path)

Hi!  I’m learning one workflow on learning path 8.1.1. I’m sharing the direct link with you. “Now if the Manager indicates that the new employee works from home, the desk prepared by the Facilities department will be assigned to the new employee and will be shown in the system” and “You can now add the actual desk assignment logic to the microflow” In this lecture, the microflow is shown as empty. So there is no activity in it. This is not discussed in the next lecture. Has anyone made this microflow? Thanks in advance!! Have a great weekend! Kind regards, Mehmet
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Hi Mehmet!

I think most users just left it empty (as it’s not really relevant for the learning path), I just checked what I did back then and found exactly that: 

For the functionality it does not matter if you just leave it, the idea is that you could check, for example, in which department the employee will be, whether the employee needs a standing desk, and what days the employee will be in the office, etc, and then based on that (and which desks are available, of course), you’d assign a desk. 

But as you can see, that would probably entail a lot of different functionality/entities/pages to configure (which isn’t relevant for learning Workflows), so that’s why you can (if you want) just leave it empty. 

Let me know if you have any more questions (and maybe somebody did create this microflow and will share it!)! 



Hi! Thijs,

Thanks so much for your reply! 

Thanks to my colleague, we made two microflows in the workflow. I learned this part in detail.


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