Microflow Confusion in Advanced Page Building Path

So I am in the process of completing step 6.4.1 seen here, and running into an error creating a new notification object. The tutorial calls for setting the Notifications.Notification_Account (Administration.Account) attribute of the notification to the $ApproverList of TeamMembers. This works in the example, but gives an error “The expression is of type List of Expenses.TeamMember, but should be of type Reference to Administration.Account. Below are some pictures of my domain model, microflows, and create object action: Appreciate any help or advice, since this step is repeated and needed to complete the rest of the learning path.   Thanks! Shaun
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The association between notification_account is set many to 1 in your domain model, I think in their example it is many to many.
You try to set a list as a value for the association that will only work with many to many, if it is many to 1 it will only accept one object (not a list) of account.

Change the association in your domain model to be many to many [* – *]