How to bypass the mendx default login page

Hi Mendix Community, I have a requirement where i need to redirect from angular project to mendix page. While doing this i should not get the default mendix login page. This is because i have already done the authentication in my angular project and the user should not get it in the mendix page as well since its just the continuation of the angular project. It would be great if anyone could assist on this.   Thanks in Advance!….
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Hey there,

try checking out the custom login page option from the navigation. This will allow you to create a mendix page and add whatever you need:

To access this functionality, enable Anonymous users (SECURITY) and then go to NAVIGATION


Hi Preethi,

You can enable anonymous user and set the default home page for the anonymous user with Login Widget.

  1. Open project security, Create a new user role named ‘Guest’
  2. In Anonymous users tab, enable it and map the Guest User
  3. Create a new page with SignIn Widget, set the page as Role-based home page for Guest user


Your output will be like below,


Hope this helps, Thanks!


Hi Preethi,

Sounds like you need a combination of the Deeplink module and most likely the OIDC  module for authentication & signing in if you do not work with anonymous users.