Refresh page based on dropdown selection

Hi All, I am using an autocomplete multiselect for displaying my data. Now based on the selection from the dropdown i have to populate data in my layout grid. I am able to fetch the respective data but the page is not refreshing. Any ideas are appreciated.. Thanks in Advance!…    
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Hey there, I don’t exactly know how your page looks like, but let’s give it a shot:

  • if the data is linked, you might be able to refresh information by using a microflow after the selection, setting the data with a change activity and having it refresh
  • You could use a non-persistent entity that is the main page content dataview (use a datasource microflow to create the object
    • within the dataview use the dropdown selection and have an On Change microflow that associates the information that you found to the non persistent entity
    • refresh the non persistent entity and the rest should refresh with it :)
      • IN SHORT:
        • Dataview with datasource microflow for non persisten entity
          • dropdown with searchfield
            • On change microflow to associate result to non persistent entity
          • Dataview over association to the non persistent to show the result

In the above domain model my dropdown data is from Frameworkobject entity and 

the content i ve to change in my page is frameworkcategoryobject and diffplaysobject.

Please check the page below.

Page which has the dropdown and the snippet where the data has to be refreshed.

Snippet where category and diffplays data has to be refreshed.