Can I use the Mendix forum when taking the Intermediate exam?

See above. Many thanks,   Nick
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No, you can’t do this



To become certified as an Intermediate Developer, you need to successfully complete the Intermediate Developer Exam.

This is a proctored exam. In other words, it’s like a regular classroom exam, but online. Therefore, you need to select a location with a suitable time zone, and have a web-cam. A trainer will be present to explain and supervise. During the exam, you are allowed to use Mendix Studio (Pro), check the Mendix documentation and Academy, but you are not allowed to ask questions at the Forum/Slack, or collaborate.

The exam will consist out of 50 multiple choice questions based on pure theory but also practical scenarios. You have 90 minutes to complete the exam. The passing grade is 75%.


Can't use forum/google if exam id closed-book exam