Mendix Create an App with Advanced Page Building training, cannot access correct entity

I’m completing the Mendix Create an App with Advanced page Building training, but got stuck on 4.6.3. To access FullName I need to go to the TeamMember entity, but only have access to the Request entity. There is no link between these two as far as I can see, but the training shows that it’s possible. I don’t seem to have the same path to select my attribute. Any ideas?
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HI Melanie,

if you can see point 2 in 5. it says that you will have go by the path System.owner/Expenses.TeamMember/Administration.Account.FullName .

 Check if you have enabled System.owner in your Entity( if not please do it). Then if you click the Fullname Text and in the paramaters there will be System.onwer at the botton of the list, and then you can follow the path given in the learning path.

You are not reaching the team member via association but Via the owner of the object.


Hope it helps!!


Hi Melanie,

FullName is located on the Account entity. To get to the Account entity, the course uses the System.owner of the Request entity.

You should be able to use the following expression in the text widget as {1}: