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Hi, I try the example of the Survey and have a problem. As you can see, there is a SurveyStatus in the entity “ DataEntry”. There are 2 records “in progress” and “finished”. I want to show the total number of people who are in progress and finished the survey. How can I implement it?
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Hi Jeongkeun,


Create new entity with two integer attributes for In progress and Finished count.


Add dataview and give datasource as microflow. In this microflow retrieve all profiles who has done data entry. Filter the list based on survey status. Use aggregrate list Count option to get count for both the list. Update new object two count attributes using create object . Return new entity object from microflow




Domain Model: Created new entity with 2 count attributes


  1. Added dataview with data source as microflow



Microflow to update count:



In my example, I need to get the count of Make1 type vehicle and Make2 type vehicle. First I am retrieving all vehicles and then filtering based on make type.


Calculating count and updating count in those 2 attributes available in entity.







Hi Jeongkeun Han,

In microflow you can retrieve records based on conditions so for that you can  give the xpath constraints for “in progress” and “finished” and after that using aggregate  list activity to count the list which is  “in progress” and “finished”.