Mendix Academy: Build a Powerful workflow section 4.4: issue

Hi Mendix community,   I’m relatively new to Mendix and I’m currently following some courses on the academy. Right now, I am facing an issue in section 4.4 of “Building a Powerful workflow”.   When I try to add a page to my button, I receive following error:   I know what the error means, but I’m not able to solve it. The goal is that the ‘Add’ button links to a new page:   Hopefully someone can give me clear answer on this topic.   Kind regards, Jelle    
2 answers
  • Right-click the button,
  • Change the action from ‘Open page’ to ‘Create object’, see first image.
  • Select object EmployeeOnboarding
  • Select your EmployeeOnboarding_NewEdit at the property ‘On click page’, see second image.


Thanks for the feedback, it is working!